It just gets worse and worse for IE users

Beware of CoolWebSearch, a program that can change Microsoft Internet Explorer's security settings and wreak havoc on computers.

Anti-spyware company Webroot Software said Tuesday that CoolWebSearch self-installs malicious HTML applications and exploits security flaws in IE. "This has vexed all of us," said Nick Lewis, managing director of Boulder, Colo.-based Webroot. "For consumers, CoolWebSearch is probably one of the most vicious programs in terms of how nasty it is. It completely hijacks the browser so you can't do anything."
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Perhaps it has to get real bad before it gets good:
- Microsoft Prepares to Dash Malware with "A1"
- Microsoft Readies 'A1' Security Subscription Service
- Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta Due 6th January

January 05, 2005 11:04 AM | Posted in Microsoft

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