Google teaming up with Skype to launch a free telephone service

TimeOnline is reporting that Google could be rolling out a free broadband phone service that uses your microphone and home computer. The technology that will enable Google to move in on the market has been around for some time. Software by the London-based company, Skype, has been downloaded nearly 54 million times around the world but no large telecommunication firms have properly exploited it. Although Google is reluctant to talk about its plans, the logical use of such a network would be to help to support a new telephone service. The company would buy capacity cheaply, by taking up slack capacity left behind when the internet bubble collapsed in 2001.
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January 24, 2005 09:26 PM | Posted in Interesting


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Suppose I buy a piece of land. My neighbours start the rumor that I'am going to build a sort Disneyland, while all I am going to do is build a shed for some horses.

Sounds strange, but it's the same kind of speculation.

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