Firefox Finds Cracking the Corporate Market to Be a Challenge

The Boeing Co. has been discreetly providing feedback to the Mozilla Foundation for the past year or so on features that might encourage enterprise adoption of the open-source Firefox browser. At the top of the list has been a tool kit to help IT departments distribute Firefox with custom configurations to end users. The Chicago-based aerospace company had good reason to express interest in such a tool. Last August, Boeing made Firefox one of its corporate Web browser standards alongside Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) and a version of Netscape Navigator that is being sunsetted. Although Boeing hasn't deployed Firefox wide-scale and couldn't provide an estimate of the browser's usage within the company, the corporate standard decision sets it apart from most of its peers.
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February 18, 2006 04:14 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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I find it encouraging to know that there are companies like Fidelity and Boeing who will actually go to the trouble of deploying Firefox when it would be a lot easier to just stick with IE. Most businesses will not do what they have done. Mozilla needs to make corporate deployment as easy as possible if they want the number of businesses using Firefox to increase.

Getting Firefox to the next level of market share, say 15% - 20%, will not be easy. I think getting businesses to use Firefox is critical to reaching that goal.

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