Internet Explorer 7.0 will be based on Gecko!

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Internet Explorer 7.0 will be based on Gecko!

Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) announced yesterday that the next release of Internet Explorer will use Gecko as its rendering engine.

"We have discussed this for a few months and decided that our current engine, based on NCSA Mosaic, cannot be improved anymore. It's standards-compliance also sucks. (...) We observed some other browser projects and realized that's Gecko engine and Safari's KHTML are simply better. However, KHTML is not ported to Windows at the moment, so we decided to choose Gecko" - anonymous Microsoft employee told CNet.

"Our next Internet Explorer 7.0 will be simply the browser from, but with the MSIE theme from and some plugins, such as ActiveX and .NET libraries runtime environment. There will be no new releases of FrontPage Express and Microsoft Outlook, since Mozilla's Composer and Mail&News will be integrated with the new Gecko-based MSIE 7.0. We believe this will make browsing the Internet even better than it was with our previous releases of MSIE. Also, some Microsoft employees have already worked on Mozilla earlier - e.g. by submitting bugs to Bugzilla" - said Steve Ballmer.

Asa Dotzler from "This is the real end of so-called browser wars.

We decided that it's better to co-operate than fight".

Netscape Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: NSCP) CEO's didn't comment on that.

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