On these pages I hope you can get some insight in my experiences with a 10 months (September 1995 - June 1996) AIESEC traineeship for an Indian advertising company. Here I describe both how it is to work and live in the strange country of India, and show you some of the travel I did while I was there. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did!


The Elevator God First we need to introduce you to India. Without preparing for your journey through India, you might be shocked. So start here.
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Har du brug for at leje selskabslokaler så er det her. Check selskabslokaler.


Downtown Mumbai This is the city in which I spend most of my time. Hmm.. probably because I worked there! See how 13 million people can live in one city.
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At work I worked at an advertising company, in their computer department. Check out how it's to work in a country where everything takes a lot of time.
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Life in Mumbai

On the other side... Living in India and especially in Bombay/Mumbai is not just dhal and saree. This is a very western town, but still let's not forget we're in India.
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Taj Mahal In February I flew to Kathmandu, Nepal to meet up with a good friend Peter who had traveled around northern India. The flight was only 10 hours late so it wasn't that bad :) Did rafting, trekking and drinking.
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Rafting in Nepal

Taj Mahal One of the greatest things to do in Nepal is of course rafting. Read much more about our 10 days of rafting on Sun Kosi.
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Trekking in Nepal

Taj Mahal Trekking is cool. Read about our trekking trip in the Annapurna area.
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Delhi and Agra

Taj Mahal If you're in India you have to go and see Delhi and of course Taj Mahal. I had tons of tun and experiences on the trip to Delhi with my dad.
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Taj Mahal Just the sound of the word Goa, makes you almost smile after 2 months in Mumbai. Mumbai is so polluted that Goa is pure paradise. But Goa is nice. Very nice, indeed. One great relaxing week.
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Santa Claus A long way from home on Christmas, what do you do? Well I had a wonderful Christmas with homemade food.
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You meet a lot of people, get loads of friend when travelling. Here are just some of them! Perhaps you are among the lucky people whom of which I have a picture.
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If you got any feedback, corrections or found something you simply just got to ask me, fill out the form.
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A lot of people have been writing to me with their comments. Here you can see some of them.
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Resources / Links

The Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit of India If you need more information about India, I've collected some web resources that might prove useful.
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The essentials..

Here you see the Bible! Without this book you're lost in India. All professional tourists and foreigners in India carry the Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit of India. The typical look of a tourist is a mineral water and the lonely planet.

So if you're planning on going to India, either buy the book before or get it at the many bookstores second hand in major Indian cities. The edition shown here, is not the latest.


My traineeship has handle by AIESEC, which is a student run organization involved in the exchange of students from business schools and universities.

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