Software Updates

Software that I use that got updated in the last few days...:
- UltraEdit v10.00a
- SecureCRT v4.0.4
- Total Commander v5.51
- jv16 PowerTools v1.3.0.196

Changes in SecureCRT 4.0.4 (Official) -- February 20, 2003
- Transferring files using bulletin board ZModem implementations caused CRC errors with implementations that did not understand DEL encoding. Added session option "ZModem Encodes DEL".
- VCP looks for a newline or carriage return character in order to determine if the ENTER key was pressed when authenticating.
Bug fixes:
- Sometimes selecting menu items, selecting text, or right-clicking to bring up a context menu did not do anything.
- SecureCRT could crash when the Raw Log Session option was enabled and there was heavy network traffic.
- SSH2: On Windows NT 4.0, sometimes certain keys did not work after authenticating.

UltraEdit-32 v10.00a Changes:
Bug Fixes
- Uninstall not working correctly
- Sort issue with UNICODE files
- Regular expression problem fixed
- Project/Tree View issues
- SFTP issues
- Other minor issues

Total Commander Version 5.11.
This upgrade corrects some problems, mainly with file associations on Windows XP (no longer working when changed in Explorer), and with external packers not packing some subdirs.

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