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I'm the QA (Quality Assurance) on the Mozilla Windows Installer.
Download: Version 1.3 - Nightly build

So here's some bug numbers for the installer (all OS):
2350 : Total
1993 : Verified
 304 : Open bugs
   27 : Unconfirmed
   53 : Resolved
 206 : The ones I've reported
   12 : Has patch

All in all the good installer people, mainly Sean Su, Curt Patrick, Dan Veditz, has fixed more than 730+ bugs! Way to go! Amazing work.

But we still have some bugs where we could use some help. So if you code C++ and would like to get involved contact Sean Su. You could fix bug 193925 or start with bug 183448... it's all up to you!

March 16, 2003 06:57 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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