Sun Java Plugin status and update

The following was posted to the OJI newsgroup:

Sun's Java Plugin team and Browser Java team have investigated a lot of bugs which related to Java, and focus on OJI/Liveconnect 's stability and performance.

We have blueprint of redesign and the solution is to achieve the following three goals:

1. XPCOM independent:
The new interface between OJI and JPI should be XPCOM independent. The main purpose of doing this is to break the dependencies with constantly changing Mozilla XPCOM APIs.

2. JNI Free:
The interface between OJI and JPI will hide JNIEnv from browser side. Exposing JNIEnv interface to browser has at least two shortcomings:
1) JNIEnv interface is a low level interface to JVM functionality. Exposing a low level interface to the browser makes the browser to call into JVM randomly. This can cause a lot of subtle bugs.
2) It causes a lot of overheads especially for out-of-proc implementation.

3. Gecko Plug-in API based:
Gecko Plug-in API has been adopted by different Netscape Plug-in vendors for a long time. It is a stable C style API. Although it may not be complete, the C style interface is a durable solution for cross platform binary compatiblity.
If we can achieve these three goals, we can run java/liveconnect on browser more stabile and efficient.

Soultion on browser side:
Create a new module works as OJI/Liveconnect 's function, this module will:
1. Hide XPCOM, only provide C-style functions for JPI
2. Implement liveconnect function by using the APIs that JPI provides (don't use JNI)
3. Backward compatibility, use different modules (select between OJI/Liveconnect and New module on runtime) according to different version JPI.

Welcome to push our OJI/Liveconnect Redesign again!

You can read the posting here

April 19, 2003 10:24 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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