Bowling for Columbine

Just finished watching Bowling for Columbine
What a documentary! It's great. 5 stars of of 5.

In a breathtaking opening, he reminds us that United States armed the terrorists they are fighting today. Then, he wonders about the reasons of this violence. Is it rock music (we meet singer Marilyn Manson), violent films or history? No, it's simply fear. Moore proceeds in a scientific way throughout the film, i.e. he puts forward hypotheses and then tries to check them by collecting various testimonies. A highlight is the interview of the brother of one of the terrorists of the Oklahoma City bombing who used his farm as a lab to create homemade bombs. Review

A film to watch urgently, as a testimony to the state of chaos in the U.S.

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Dear Sir,

I write movie reviews for a website called "plume noire" and I was surprised
to discover one of my texts- Bowling for Colombine- have been plagiarized by you.
I remind you that the international copyright laws, forbid, among others, any reproduction made partial of whole of a text you don't own the rights of. You are currently violating these laws.
This is only a cordial warning, and I urge you to take the appropriate measures as soon as possible or else I would be forced into calling on legal proceedings.

Sandrine Marques

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