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Dont know what to do in your weekend?

Well, what about getting of 100% free office suite that has the same features as Microsoft Office and a lot more!

I've been running for almost 1 year now and never encountered a Microsoft Office document that couldn't open. I love it. Now I dont even have Microsoft Office installed anymore.

Get 1.1 Beta2 here: 1.1 Beta2

Get the latest development version here:
OpenOffice 644_m11

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May 24, 2003 01:35 PM | Posted in


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I'm downloading OpenOffice 1.1 Beta 2 while typing this :) I hope it offers better compatiblity with Microsoft Office XP than OpenOffice 1.0.
I love free software. I use Gaim ( instead of Microsoft Messenger, Mozilla ( instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer, PHP ( instead of ASP, MySQL ( instead of Microsoft Access/SQL Server, etc. :)

Comment by Anders Raben Hansen at May 24, 2003 01:44 PM | Permalink

You should also know that Sun just have released its StarOffice 6.1 beta 2. Looks like 1.1 beta 2 but with a more polished interface.

It actually looks quite good,

Comment by Henrik Lynggaard at May 25, 2003 06:36 PM | Permalink

There's too much text regarding prices for StarOffice on the Sun site, so I'll use 1.1 from now on. OpenOffice is good enough for me now and it's completely free. I've actually remove Microsoft Office from my PC now. Only thing I'm missing before switching to Linux is the ability to play Battlefield 1942 and easy support for my Hauppauge TV tuner :(

Comment by Anders Raben Hansen at May 26, 2003 05:40 AM | Permalink

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