Linky beta tester needed

The next version of Linky will include a Download links option. I already have it working! You select some links and select Download links and the links are download to a directory of you choice.

But for this to work in the way best I could need some beta testers.

So if you're running Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird and would like to help me test out the next version of Linky please use my feedback form to sign up.

I could really need some MacOS and Linux testers. Windows users are of course also very welcome.

Sign up here

Linky is a Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird extension to the context menu that provide you with the following; Opens all links in a selection in new tabs or windows, Finds and opens links in plain text in a new tab or window, Opens all links on page in new tabs or windows, etc.

June 06, 2003 12:08 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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