Webclient on MacOS X

John Harris writes:

As I mentioned in earlier emails to this group, a few of the developers on the Jalama Project have been working on porting the webclient 1.3 to the MAC OS X and though we are not completely done we are at a point where the software is usable and satisfies the needs of embedding our xul application within a java canvas.

We have the webclient running with the CAMINO_0_7_RELEASE mozilla release with full rendering and navigation functionality but need another week to tie up some loose-ends before contributing our changes to the webclient project.

We started the port by populating our CVS repository with the webclient 1.3 code, modified it to compile with the Gtk windowing API and then added native rendering via the Cocoa NSView widget. In the process we did make small modifications to the webclient architecture and in places rewrote existing C++ code in Objective-C inorder to communicate directly with the Cocoa widgets. Currently we are looking into integrating the Objective-C code that we have introduced more tightly into the existing webclient code to terminate any redundancies.

June 14, 2003 11:43 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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