Mozilla IPv6 support in WinXP underways

IPv6 readyDarin writes:
I am trying to make Mozilla support IPv6 under WinXP. This is really just a matter of calling getaddrinfo. However, I also need to take care to always create a socket of the right family (i.e., that matching the results of getaddrinfo). This is no problem for sockets created by necko; however, since necko can alternatively use nsISocketProvider::NewSocket to create sockets, there is a problem. That method unfortunately does not allow me to pass information about the socket family down to the socket provider. This impacts SSL, SOCKS, and other nsISocketProvider implementations. Indeed, there's no reason why nsISocketProvider must even create a socket (on some platforms, in some cases). Fortunately, nsISocketProvider is not a frozen interface, so most likely I will just rev it to add the address family as a new parameter. I'm a little bit concerned about breaking compatibility with existing apps (though I don't know of any that actually use this interface), so I'm just sending this email out more or less as a warning... if you happen to know of any apps that might break, please let me know.

So if you know of any apps write him at < darin at netscape dot com >

July 01, 2003 11:09 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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