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PythonGerv <gerv at mozilla dot org> writes:
A while back I posted, asking for help with the relicensing scripts. As you all probably know, we are moving towards a triple GPL/LGPL/MPL license for Mozilla and, having obtained most of the permissions we need, we have to change the actual licenses on the code.

Unfortunately, the efforts begun as a result of that original posting have come to nothing, and I'm afraid I must ask for help again.

I really need someone who knows Python, to take over and bring to completion the 95%-there code which was originally written in bug 98089. Rewriting the code from scratch is probably too much work, and unnecessary.

If anyone is able to help, please contact me. Ideally, it would be a single person who is willing to commit to seeing this through. The amount of work involved is probably not massive, for someone who knows the language.

Many thanks, Gerv <gerv at mozilla dot org>

So if you're a python hack contact him!

July 02, 2003 09:17 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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