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RealNetworks Adds SMIL Code to Helix
RealNetworks added the code for SMIL to its open-source Helix Community, a move that allows the creation of multimedia presentations that integrate streaming audio and video with images and text...

The Fine Art of Password Protection
Passwords are both the universal language for network navigation and the weakest link in network security, as fraught with peril as they are essential. Experts say that because they are so closely linked to the ever-fallible human element, passwords cause the most headaches of anysecurity mechanism...

Corbis photo-theft crackdown hits Amazon
Corbis, which licenses thousands of images each week to the largest publishers, advertisers, entertainment companies and graphic designers around the world, has aggressively pursued companies that violate its intellectual-property rights, with sometimes surprising results. In its latest case, Corbis last week sued and 15 of its partners...

Spammers' fake sites dupe consumers
Customers of Best Buy, EarthLink and America Online are among recent targets of so-called phisher sites - bogus Web sites that fish for personal data such as credit card and Social Security numbers from unsuspecting consumers...

Pogo Linux, MySQL Team on Open-source Appliance
Pogo Linux, a Redmond, Wash.-based maker of hardware for the open-source operating system Linux, will make the DataWare 2600 Server, which will be loaded with MySQL's popular database...

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