Bugs and Efficeon

A couple of interesting bugs:
- Add "Windows Media Player" ActiveX support to Mozilla (Netscape 7.1 has it)
- spam/junk filter: add a "headers-only" mode
- move quote reply pref (reply below/above) to account settings
- XP_UNIX DNS lookups are serialized

EfficeonTransmeta Brands "Astro" CPU As Efficeon
As its name implies, the Efficeon is designed to conjure up images of low-power computers, saving users power through the "code-morphing" technology Transmeta popularized.. "It's efficient by nature, with low heat capabilities," said Mike DeNeffe, director of marketing for Transmeta, of the chip. "(The brand name) really speaks to where we're taking the product."
Read more here and here and at Transmeta.

August 12, 2003 10:11 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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