Source code at mozilla.orgRoaming is the ability to keep bookmarks/cookies/history/etc in a central repository. So you can bring your environment with you, or recover your settings on a new computer.

Netscape 4.x supported roaming but not in a very good way. Mozilla never supported roaming. But this is about to change. Some mozilla fans have for a long time worked on adding roaming support to Mozilla. It's a big task. Ben Bucksch is doing a GREAT job!

Read more about the development:
- "A House for Mozilla"
- Bugzilla Bug 124029 Roaming - 4.x-HTTP-compatible
- Roaming related bugs

August 26, 2003 07:36 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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I just hope that kind of things will be integrated with the hosted OS. For instance I'm really waiting for Apple Computer Inc. to release's iSync's API so other porgrams can use iSync and not only Safari.

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Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog Studios and Douglas Bowman of StopDesign are working with Apple to bring standards-compliance and forwards-compatibility to Apple's very simple, elegant, and full-of-panache website. Bowman has commented that this doesn't ...

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