Mozilla's New Focus: The End User

Mozilla in the news:
The Mozilla Foundation this week launched a beta of the latest version of its open-source browser and applications suite, the first release since the project separated from America Online Inc.'s Netscape Communications subsidiary. "The 1.5 timeframe will be a significant marker for us not so much in the improvements from 1.4 but in the general approach, packaging and how we approach our releases and the customer," Mozilla President Mitchell Baker said.
Read the entire article Mozilla's New Focus: The End User, an open-source group that supports the continuing development of the Mozilla browser, released its Version 1.5 beta on Wednesday with a host of new features, including a built-in e-mail spell checker, improvements in its ChatZilla, Internet Relay Chat client, and increased performance, stability, standards support and Web compatibility, according to the group. Both browsers (Mozilla and Opera continue to lag far behind Microsoft Internet Explorer in popularity, though they apparently have core groups of devoted users.
Read the entire article Opera, Mozilla update their Web browsers

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