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I use IMAP for all my mails and love it. Mozilla is a very pretty good IMAP client, so I frequently scan through all of the IMAP bugs in Bugzilla trying to resolved some of the very old ones and duping some of the more common ones.
So if you file a IMAP bug please take the following steps before filling the bug:
- Search to see if the bug is already there
- Make a IMAP Protocol Logs
- Write a detailed bug report

Here are some statistics about the IMAP bugs:
- Unconfirmed: 121
- New: 244
- Assigned: 24
- Reopened: 10
- Resolved: 365
- Verified: 560
- Total: 1327

October 01, 2003 12:47 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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I'm a happy IMAP user too, but I have a problem that is actually bugging me.

If I move a message to another folder the systray icon (notifying for new mail) shows up on next scan of all folders. The same pattern shows up if I write a new mail that is then saved in the Sent-folder.
If I then just select another folder the icon disappears.

The folder doesn't show up as "bold", meaning that there's new mail. Only the systray icon.

I guess this is a bug, but I haven't dared to file the bug, because I was affraid it was already filed.

Do you have the same problem or is it because of my mailserver (Courier)?

Comment by Thomas Braad Toft at October 1, 2003 02:03 PM | Permalink

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