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Some numbers about the active checkers-in, useful bugs, useful patches, etc.
All numbers on the page represent the work done by Mozilla contributors other than Netscape.

Current Request Queue
Who has requested approval, review, superreview, etc on patches in Bugzilla. This is frightening long. Perhaps there should be some focus on getting some of the patches checked in or marked obsolete! redesign
The new site exists to further the Mozilla brand, and make it ridiculously easy to get the latest Mozilla software. Support the foundation with a donation of time or money if you can. Support the site by making sure it's well-linked. Support the cause by spreading the word.

Read all about the redesign and the fight against that company from Redmond.

See the new beta site.

October 16, 2003 09:18 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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Wow. Its like you've been reading my blog. bz was the only one to comment

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