Mozilla, still in trouble

Then it struck me; where is the brand? That logo really sucks big time and those birds could be more clearly defined and I don't have a clue who Mozilla is. Mozzila is no longer a behind the scenes open source developer for AOL/Time/Warner. They're now a company in there own right and have to show the world who they are. They have no real identity because the one they had no longer applies. Their nerdy geeky image will just not do when held up to the light in full view of their new customers. They will want to know who they are dealing with because to them it's an unknown company with products they never heard of.
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October 29, 2003 09:56 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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Always the same comment about How the "geeky" image create domage to the project (linux, openoffice, apache, php, nevermind : ALL )

of course, they completely forget than starting for scratch they succeed to be Acknowledge THANKS (or because of) their image. and it's _only_ the start.

Mozilla has an identity : Mozilla ! the Red Lezard, Easy to know, to remind, to picture, to show to people.
Mozilla is WEB , Mozilla is STANDARD, mozilla is A complete tools for the _WEB_ (and mail, and news, and irc and in fact communication on internet )

People know with who they deal : Mozilla Foundation !

that is the SAME OLD argument for YEaAaAars, from the start of BIND ! , sendmail ! , Apache!!!, linuuuuux..

gargl.. I'm now angry :)


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