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Here's some interestings newsbits about the big bad Microsoft:

Microsoft's (Bumpy) Road to Longhorn
Microsoft's product roadmap for Longhorn has some potholes to navigate tn the coming two years. A new report states that Microsoft is facing a "product gap" over the next two years without a major new release regarding its flagship Windows operating system and Office productivity suite.

Microsoft not ready to battle with Google
Microsoft's latest assault on the Web search business is just getting under way, but already a familiar elephant may be ambling toward the doorway

MyDoom.C Slams Into
A stripped-down version of the MyDoom worm, a k a Doomjuice, on Monday spread through network backdoor and attacked Microsoft's Web site.

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February 10, 2004 02:41 PM | Posted in Microsoft


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Doomjuice/MyDoom.C doesn't seem to be having much of an impact. We've been filtering hundreds of MyDoom.A and a few .B variants, but haven't seen anything of this new one. The AV companies all have it on "low risk" status currently. Only reason it's news is because it's a followup to the other stories - certainly can't imagine any "slamming" of happening as a result of it.

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