Reflow reasons/types

L. David Baron writes in the netscape.public.mozilla.layout newsgroup:
I'm thinking of trying to simplify the reflow reason/type mechanisms by replacing the current ones with:
- Full
- Resize
- Descendant (for reflow reason only)
This is something that I think would be easier to translate into a dirty bits system (which I've been thinking more about), along the lines of what I've mentioned earlier. Descendant is the equivalent of the old Incremental, and Full is the equivalent of the old StyleChange. The initial/full distinction is bogus and I remember seeing it break in some cases where we move children into a new parent (e.g., {ib} or :first-line) and the new parent translates a style change reflow to an initial reflow and breaks the style change on the kids. We have NS_FRAME_FIRST_REFLOW if we need it. I'm planning to just try this and see what happens (if I have time sometime soon).

February 18, 2004 06:40 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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