Restoring your IMAP mail

A couple of people have asked me after my Backup your IMAP mail article, on how to restore the IMAP mail.

Since Mozilla stores the IMAP mail, and all other mail for the matter, in a plain text file, you can just copy the mail to the IMAP server. This might require admin rights on the IMAP server. I'm not sure if it can be done for all IMAP servers.

An easier way is to use Mozilla Thunderbird. Start it with the same profile as you do IMAP backup with. Now create an identical new IMAP account but dont choose any offline properties. Now you can copy from the backup mail account to the new one. If you lost some folders on the IMAP server, first recreate the folder. Then mark all the mails in the backup account and say Copy to and select your imap account. This way all of the mails from your backup account will be copied over to the IMAP server.

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Henrik Gemal has written up a clever tutorial on how to backup IMAP mail using Mozilla Thunderbird. Follow that up with the corresponding tutorial on restoring IMAP emails. Now those of you who're still using POP3 to get your email...

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We have launched new IMAP service where in you can convert your POP3 account into an IMAP account without changing your email address even if your server only supports POP3.

Our IMAP server is a proxy mail server, which logs in your pop3 account and downloads email into our server and organize it for IMAP. you can set filters as well.

Click on for more details.

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People can also look at MboxImport:

This extension make the import of mbox files very easy: once installed, there will be a new voice under "Tools", named "Import mbox".

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When I restore my emails by using Mozilla Thunderbird as described, I get the current date on all the emails and not the original. Have anyone got any suggestions how to correct this?

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I found this.


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