Spam, Rhino and stats

Purge Unwanted Spam the 18th-Century Way
Use Bayesian filtering to reduce the amount of junk e-mail in your in-box, read PowerPoint files without installing massive PowerPoint software. And both Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1 mail programs come with their own integrated Bayesian antispam settings.

JavaScript: Beyond the Browser
The JavaScript technology implemented in the Netscape web browser is available as an open-source toolkit from Mozilla and is called Rhino. Using Rhino you can embed the JavaScript language as part of your custom application and build in hooks to allow your application to be scripted.

W3Schools Browser Statistics
Current trend is that Internet Explorer 6 is growing fast. IE 5 and 6 counts for more than 80%. Mozilla stats up from 8.5% in January 2004 to 9.0% February 2004.

March 06, 2004 09:39 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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W3Schools stats appear to be frozen at the same level they were on Feb 10.

Moz stats will get even better when they are updated. ;-)

Comment by Jeferson Hultmann at March 8, 2004 07:11 AM | Permalink

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