Ebusiness at it's worst

I was going to order some plane ticket this afternoon so I want online and found some cheap prices. I finally decided to fly with Scandinavian Airlines. So I went to their site and started filing out the forms.

It wasn't the most smart form. I could only make one choice and then I had to press an blue arrow to enter more stuff into the form. I finally manage to fill out the entire form and move on. I now had to enter the names of the other passengers. I filled the entire form out, everything with Eurobonus numbers and all. Now I'm only one step away from ordering the tickets.

SAS Error
And pong! An error! Not just an error, but "Error type -140005 Please try again later". I waited a few seconds and tried again. Error. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Error. I waited an hour and tried again. Error!

First of all we all hate errors and errors do occur. But why the heck do they have to write Error type -140005? It doesn't tell me anything! What was needed was an indication of whether the error had anything to do with my input or with the systems behind. I much rather get an error saying "Unable to communicate with the reservation system. Please try again later or call this number...".

And dont show error numbers unless the user can use them for anything. If it said "Please call customer service and report this error" or even better "Click here to report this error" it's ok to show a weird looking number. But I cant use "Error type -140005" for anything. Does it mean that they have 140000 errors?

So finally we gave up ordering the tickets online and decided to call the office and order the tickets the plain old way, by telephone. So much for ebusiness.

March 07, 2004 11:17 PM | Posted in Interesting


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