Bayesian filters

Bayesian filters are behind Mozillas highly effective anti spam filter. Now some Mozilla developers are talking about using bayesian filters for other features than spam. Fx mail filtering. Instead of having to create a filter to sort all your work related mails into the Work folder let Mozilla decide which mails should be moved. The more mails you move manually the smarter Mozilla gets.
Check out the bug report and read more about the proposed usage.

There's even a $500 bounty to the one that implements this feature. At Mark Shuttleworth it's described as "Thunderbird Message Filing Intelligence":
As an optional extra to the Quick Filing described above, I would like to see Bayesian learning for message filing. For example, I generally have a folder for correspondence with a person or a company, or a project. When I press the filing hotkey described under Quick Access above, it would be great if Mozilla Thunderbird automatically pre-populated the dropdown listbox of folders with its best guess as to where I want that message filed. It could use the sender, the subject and the body, and learn from previous filing decisions. Bayesian filtering of junk mail has worked really well for me in Mozilla, so I would hope that after using it for a while, it would be making fairly good guesses as to where I want to file a given message.

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I will be interesting if users want this feature of mozilla. I don't think so

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