Alternative Web browsers include valuable bonuses

According to OneStat, a Dutch company that monitors global browser usage, almost 95 percent of all Web surfers use Internet Explorer. The remaining 5 percent of users is spread among several other browsers. Surprisingly, Netscape isn't one of them. OneStat said that the former browser behemoth doesn't have enough market share to make the list. The better-known alternative browsers are Mozilla, Opera and Safari. All three offer features not found in Internet Explorer. For example, they have built-in pop-up blockers and search utilities. Those features are not offered by Internet Explorer but can be added with the free Google Toolbar.
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Firefox browser easy, fun, fast, safe, free
No longer compelled by competition to innovate, IE's development cycle is now linked to that of Windows. And because Microsoft updates its operating system less frequently than Bruce Springsteen releases new CDs, updated versions of IE are rare things indeed. This doesn't mean, of course, that rigor mortis has set in for the Web browsing genre. If you want fresh and exciting signs of life, take a look at a free, simple and powerful Web browser called Firefox.

March 15, 2004 10:31 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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