Book claims Chinese discovered America

1421The book I'm currently reading is 1421: The Year China Discovered America.

Scattered evidence that Chinese explorers "discovered" America 71 years before Christopher Columbus and circumnavigated the earth 60 years before Ferdinand Magellan was born has been brought into convincing focus by a book published Tuesday that is expected to rewrite history. British author Gavin Menzies first aired his theory of pre-Columbian visits by the Chinese to both North and South America in a lecture before the Royal Geographic Society in London last March, resulting in a bidding war for the book he spent 15 years writing to back up his claim. Publishing rights sold for $780,000, a phenomenal sum for a non-fiction book by an unknown author.

Doing a little bit of searching reveals that there's quite some discussion wheather it's a big lie or not. Fx this site that claims that The author changed a map to fit his theory. A comments at Amazon says Gavin claims he has real, tangible evidence. Not true. Just check out for yourself some of the sources he cites. His own sources do not support the claims he makes.

Official site and much more info here, here, here.

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