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Via Mozillazine, a fascinating post by Brendan Eich, the father of Javascript and Mozilla's chief architect. This is fiesty stuff. Brendan basically lays out his view of how things are might play out, over the next five years, in the "battle" to control the application development and deployment platform of the future, the two main sides being Microsoft + Longhorn + XAML vs. "Open Source" + Mozilla (Gecko) + XUL. Mozilla are definately ahead of the field with XUL (see Introducing XUL) having something that "works" now. There's still some hurdles to overcome though. As a platform for deployment over the web, XUL still suffers from practical issues - a compromise between security concerns and ease of use has yet to be made and this is preventing, say, PHP coders from churning out XUL based apps the way we can churn out HTML. Neil Deakin summarizes these problems nicely here.
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April 07, 2004 01:37 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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