Just a quick follow up to my XUL# entry. There's also a XBL#. XBL# is a utility library for using XBL in .NET applications. XBL is a technology developed by the Mozilla development team. XBL is an XML binding language that allows you to add "logic" to a newly created XUL tags or modify the "logic" on an existing XUL tag. XBL# goals are to produce a library that: (1) allows you to parse XBL files into a format which is easily used by .NET applications, (2) allows you to "compile" and "run" XBL files, and (3) allows you to use .NET classes as XBL "logic".

April 16, 2004 09:15 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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Oooo... I'm compiling it all now! How exciting!

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