Will Mozilla Fly?

It took me a whole five minutes to decide to ditch Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox. Why? The learning curve is about 5 minutes - at most. FireFox is simpler to use. Configuring it is easy and would probably be easy for just about any PC user. You are not faced with the typical Microsoft feature-bloat. Mozilla Firefox has a better layout and a larger web page area. It loads all your Internet Explorer 'favorites' when you install it on MS Windows and blocks pop-ups completely (there is an option to allow them on specific sites).
Will Mozilla Fly?

April 20, 2004 09:48 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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One of the many positive articles about Firefox out there. Many of my friends and family are switching because of my advice, all of them stick with it because it's simply better.

The only reason I use the Mozilla Suite is the integrated mail client, and I'll probably start using the integrated IRC client when the new version of Mozilla final is released, which should have been last week. Nonetheless I've heard that it will be released today or tomorrow, so I'm anxiously waiting for it...

Mozilla rocks, yay!

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