getRegistryEntry is back

getRegistryEntry is back into Mozilla Firefox!

I first wrote about this around a month ago. winhooks, which had the getRegistryEntry function, had been replaced by the new shell service. The result was that my extension Launchy didn't work on nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox.

So I asked the Mozilla Community for help to reintroduce getRegistryEntry into Mozilla Firefox. And it didn't take that much time before a lot of people were sending in tips on how to implement it. I tried to make a patch but since I'm not a C++ coder I had problems. I then asked the community for C++ help.

Now someone provided a patch, that I then tried to get reviewed. This is the amazing about the Mozilla community. You ask for help for a pretty specific issue and someone is willing to spend time to help you. Big thanks goes out to the entire Mozilla community.

After spending some time trying to review I finally managed to get Ben to review it. Now all I needed was that for someone to check it in. This is not easy. I asked around but no one answered by checkin cried. I finally manage to get Bryner to do the checkin.

Since the patch that was checked in isn't perfect I've opened a new bug report on improving the getRegistryEntry function.

Al in all this means that Launchy will now work in nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox again!

April 22, 2004 01:17 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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Comment by Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen at April 22, 2004 03:46 PM | Permalink

strike! ;)

Comment by 413x at April 22, 2004 04:13 PM | Permalink


I just installed Firefox and Mozilla, last versions, and I am the bearer of bad news, the launchy extension is disabled in both, I think I have incidentally clicked on *do not change windows settings* or something similar when a small window popped up.
I think your utility is great and I would so much be able to use it!!!

Comment by Gini at August 5, 2004 06:03 PM | Permalink

It appears to have gone again in 1.5!

Any ideas where?

Site icon Comment by Brian King at December 8, 2005 01:01 PM | Permalink

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