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RealNetworks announced today that the Google Toolbar is being distributed with RealPlayer 10. By making the Google Toolbar available to the very large number of consumers who install the new RealPlayer 10 every day, RealNetworks and Google are bringing the best media playback and search capabilities to millions of users around the world.

Back in the days RealPlayer was a nice player but then they started bundling it with all kind of weird stuff. It's one of the most bloated apps available. If you try to remove it from the systray it's back the next time you restart. Argh! I use BSPlayer, WinAmp and QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative. Great compo!

Objects Search has launched clustering search engine based on open source technology nutch. Clustering Engine is a system for clustering textual data.This engine automatically categorizes search results on-the-fly into hierarchical clusters. Search results clustering attempts to overcome the problem of information overload.The user interface of most search engines are based on keyword-based queries and endless lists of matching documents.Unfortunately, even when exceptional ranking algorithms are used, relevance sorting inevitably promotes quality based on some notion of popularity of what can be found on the Web.

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I can't seem to get Real Alternative 1.22 to work with Winamp 5.03, any ideas on why this is? Windows Media Player is able to play RealMedia now, but I hate WMP. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Site icon Comment by Basje at April 27, 2004 07:39 PM | Permalink

I found the solution, so for those of you who need it too:


Gemal, thanks for putting this to my attention!

Site icon Comment by Basje at April 28, 2004 11:17 AM | Permalink

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