Apache and Windows

Why Windows Won't Always Dominate
Microsoft's domination of the client operating systems market will fade over the next few years, according to Avneesh Saxena, vice-president for Asia-Pacific computing systems research at IDC. Microsoft currently has around 90 percent share of the client operating system market with Windows but this will fall to 58 percent by 2007 as new devices increasingly appear, Saxena said at the IDC Directions conference in Singapore this week. "Operating systems are not going away and we're not going to one single platform," he says. "Different workloads require different operating systems and the range of new devices will cause Microsoft's market share to fall."

XML Encryption Added to Apache Project
The Apache Foundation has announced the addition of a beta implementation of XML Encryption to its XML Security Project, another small step towards full implementation of security standards in the pared-down markup language. The XML Security Project, a volunteer unit of the Apache Foundation, focuses on W3C standards for XML security implementation. With the beta for XML Encryption, the Project has added support for the encrypting and decrypting of XML-based digital content.

April 24, 2004 11:40 AM | Posted in Interesting


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