Office 2003 vs. OpenOffice.Org

Office 2003 vs. OpenOffice.Org
In recent years, open-source alternatives to Office have matured to the point where IT managers are beginning to investigate the viability of moving from the Microsoft Corp. suite to a license-free alternative. So when eWEEK Corporate Partner Ed Benincasa shared his desire to perform a user-based comparison between the project's suite and Microsoft's Office 2003, we saw a perfect opportunity to compare the suites under real-world conditions.

Open Source a Better Fit in Small Shops
eWEEK Labs often hears IT managers express a desire to loosen Microsoft Corp.'s grip on the office productivity market by deploying alternative office suites. The continuing maturation of open-source office applications, along with the fact that these applications have no licensing fees, makes such a move increasingly attractive-but not for all companies.

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