Troy sucks!

TroyWent to see Troy yesterday. I knew that the movie wasn't gonna be great. But I was disappointed to see that the movie was soo bad. It was boring and way to long. Orlando Bloom was acting really really bad. Brad Pitt wasn't any better. He just wasn't convincing as a leader. It seemed like he was trying to look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Eric Bana as Hector was good, though.

One of the "best" momets in the movie was when Paris handed over the sword of Troy to a totally random person in the crowd with the words "take good care of it, it's the sword of Troy"! What was that all about?

One star that's it. Worst movie of the year so far!

May 25, 2004 01:36 PM | Posted in Personal


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> He just wasn't convincing as a leader.

It was because Achilles wasn't a leader at all: Agamemnon was THE leader and this is one of the points of The Illiad, the engagement between a new rising "central" institution of power (and of a _shared_ set of ideals, ethics) and the old fragmented, autonomous and little communities led by princes.

> ... a totally random person in the crowd ... What was that all about?

Are you joking... The "totally random person" was Aeneas the future founder of Rome according to Virgilio's Eneide (sorry I don't know the english terms...).

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Basiclly I think that Brat Pitt was in the movie because of his good looking, which most of the scenes with him also cleary shows. A lot of body and not much acting!

I know that the random person was Aeneas. It was just the scene was so short and weird.

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The person he gave the sword to was Aeneus. He goes on a long voyage to Italy and is the one who first found the place where Rome would be.

But I agree, Troy sucked. Brad Pitt was not good as a leader. He also can't fake cry.

The director said they "interpreted the Iliad differently". I can understand if small things change, but there was no Judgement of Paris. They had some cheesy thing that Paris and Helen were "secret lovers". Agamemnon dies. How can Agamemnon die? He has one of the saddest stories in greek mythology!

Again the acting sucked badly. They didn't pause at all. It sounded like one long run-on sentence when some of them talked.

Also, you didn't know who was who because with names like the Greeks, you have to say them slower than the actors did. I couldn't tell the difference between Agamemnon and Menelaus.

In two words : stupid and cheesy.

Comment by Cody at May 30, 2004 03:12 AM | Permalink

Troy was awesome, everyone that thinks differently can kiss my ass

Comment by Yo Mama113 at February 17, 2005 12:15 AM | Permalink

Fuck you you idiot looking for answers in a cereal box jerk! What did you want? For a MOVIE to answer all your stupid little questions to life? Jeeezusss keerist! What is up with you idiots?? TROY was a godamn movie, fuck head. And as far as ENTERTAINMENT goes it was a damn good movie. NO one ever said it was Homer. It was "inspired by" Homer you no brain degenerate simpleton. Get off the internet and grow a brain before you add your dumb assed opion. You, my not-friend are a classic retard.

Comment by Hater of You at February 26, 2005 04:21 PM | Permalink

it was entertaing fags

Comment by Da Shit at March 5, 2005 07:11 AM | Permalink

It was good if you guys have hard ons for Brad PItt. Guy fights in alot of battles but not even a scratch, yea right. I guess if the 2 above posters could they suck off pitt.

Comment by south at May 21, 2005 06:17 AM | Permalink

I don't care what anyone says about Brad Pitt; the man is a badass, and a great actor. Troy, while historically inaccurate, is incredibly entertaining, and extremely well-executed. Despite the song playing during the credits, the writer of the screenplay re-creates characters that we genuinely care about from mere names out of history.
The film Titanic has had a great effect on films like Troy. The minute something is clearly a "Hollywood Production" people and crticis dismiss it as "trash", but we must remember that Hollywood invented the art of film. They know how to make movies, and better than anyone else in the world, in my opinion.
Ignoring the complex and expertly executed Blockbuster movies like Troy's artistry is like ignoring a Rembrandt to admire a blot off black paint on a canvas.
Technique is quickly diminishing in value in all art forms. Passion and improvisation are becoming the standard. Those with incredible technique are being called "mathematicians", "machanics", and "scientists" by other artists. It's time people started acknowledging the roots from which their passion is derived

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guys cmon...rite now im writing a essay on this topic....nd i agree with u ppl who are intrested in mythology that hollywood kinda ruins the authenticity of ancient greek myths.......but hey this is for ur entertainment ...i mean when ur watching movie about soccer u dont really expect them to show u the whole goddamn 90 mins do u?


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doesnt mythology keep changing thoughout history so why does it have to stop also am i the only one who see a connection between king auther and excalbur and Aeneas and the sword of troy

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Besides the Historical facts that some of them have been completely changed by the movie. One of the things i hate they most is that Achilles is presented as a worthless piece of shit who obeys the pussy and does everything to get it. He Disrespects Agamemnon and doesn't give a shit about anything.He dares to kills and threaten his fellow Greeks for a Vagina. Totally wrong stupid and Americanized way of a Hero that was never like this thousand years ago. Wrong values, wrong ethics WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG

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To all those people who defend the poor excuse for a movie as "just entertainment", that's the kind of thinking that creates shallow movies nowadays. Of course it doesn't have to mirror the Illiad's exact story but it reflects none of the complex Greek culture of mythology and ethics. Brad Pitt obviously understood absolutely nothing about Achilles. Achilles was all about respect and honor and Pitt just played him as a sniveling sensitive "hero" who couldn't make up his mind about his personality. This Hollywood movie made the mistake of capitalizing on the "romance" between Helen and Paris and Achilles and Briseis. What a shame. It could have been a great movie, but was ultimately ruined by bad acting, bad directing, and a stupid cheesy script.

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