AOL to Release Netscape 7.2 Based on Mozilla 1.7

Not a big surprise but here's some press coverage.

AOL to release new version of Netscape
America Online said Thursday that it plans to release a new version of its Netscape Web browser this summer, though the effort does not appear to signal a return to major browser development work for the company. An AOL representative said that the new software will be based on Mozilla 1.7 code developed by Netscape's open-source offshoot. She described it as a relatively minor upgrade that will include a few security patches, but leave the interface mostly unchanged. "This is not a huge step forward," she said.

AOL to Release Netscape 7.2 Based on Mozilla 1.7
ZDNet's Evan Hansen reports that AOL will release Netscape Navigator 7.2 based on Mozilla 1.7 code this summer. The update comes a year after version 7.1 and after Microsoft stopped standalone development in Internet Explorer. eWEEK's Matt Hicks offers analysis of the new Netscape release, citing studies that say while Microsoft has a 93.9% browser market share and 87% of business users use IE, 25% still use Netscape and 11% use Opera -- the math works because people use multiple browsers. Hicks asks the question 'Is the Netscape Browser Being Reborn or Just Stabilized?' Hicks interviews several people in the know including a former Netscape engineer, an industry analyst, and Opera Software CEO Jon von Tetzchner."

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I hope the new Netscape arrive in all languages. Netscape stop at version 4.5 and uptade also to 7 and 7.02 at portuguese. I never use the 7.01 and 7.1, so, I change to Mozilla 1.6 at portuguese.

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