Secret Microsoft pacts leaked

Is Microsoft hiring low-cost foreign companies to write its code? According to a paper that was leaked the answer is yes. The paranoid Seattle labor group claimed Microsoft is indeed working on hiring low-cost foreign vendors to its code. Thus American jobs will be lost. While the labor group didn't come flat out and say that. That's the feeling I get from them. I don't completely buy this as Microsoft in the past has hired vendors outside of the US. Confidential agreements between Microsoft and two software companies in India were leaked to a Seattle labor group that's lobbying against overseas technology contracting. Microsoft publicized its partnerships with the companies, Infosys and Satyam, years ago and few new details are revealed by the circa 2001 contracts. They set terms for software work at Microsoft's Redmond campus and at their offices in India, but they do not say how much work is involved. But the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers claims the documents expose Microsoft's intention to hire low-cost foreign vendors to write its software. It gave the documents to several newspapers this week. "These documents clearly show that as a major software vendor they're looking at the highest skilled, highest trained workers to try to move their work abroad," said WashTech organizer Marcus Courtney.
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June 17, 2004 09:13 AM | Posted in Microsoft


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