Firefox and incorrectly HTTP handler

Firefox 0.9/0.9.1/0.9.2 for Windows incorrectly register themselves as the default handler for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and GOPHER transactions, causing them to launch multiple windows or throw errors. This has been reported as bug 246078 and is also being discussed in a mozillaZine thread. This .REG file should fix this problem on a given installation after you have told Firefox to make itself the default browser.

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July 15, 2004 02:04 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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Henrik Gemal signale le fichier .REG publié par qui corrige le bogue bogue n° 246078 de Firefox 0.9/0.9.1/0.9.2 sur Windows. Quand on veut lancer Firefox depuis d'autres applications, ils ouvre plusieurs fenêtres ou...

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Thunderbird is also not making a good job registering itself as the mail and news client in Windows XP. It is one of the small annoyances that users complain the most to me.

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