August 2004 Entries

Using Roaming

I've just started using Roaming User in Mozilla 1.x. I'm using nightly builds of Mozilla 1.8 but roaming is also available in Mozilla 1.8.x releases fx Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 3. Roaming is NOT included in the installer builds due to bug 244770 so you have to use the zipped version. Roaming is NOT available in Mozilla 1.7.x.

With Roaming Profiles, you can access your full Mozilla environment when you are away from the computer that you use most. Roaming Profiles is the ability to have your Mozilla profile, ie. bookmarks, browsing history, addressbook, cookies etc stored on a central server. Whenever you start Mozilla your profile is downloaded and whenever you shutdown Mozilla your profile is uploaded.

How I use it:
I use roaming on my work PC and my home PC. This is very nice so bookmarks added on my home PC is also available when I get to work. With mail it's no problem for me since I use IMAP, but having to read the same newspostings first at home and the at work because the files aren't in sync is a mess and a timeconsumer. With roaming that's all history.

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OpenOffice install is now a MSI package

OpenOffice latest developer build (build 680m51) is now installed as a MSI package. Microsoft Windows Installer MSI is an application installation and configuration service.

Release Notes

New features amonst others are:
- OASIS Open Office file format as default file format
- New toolbar concept and design
- Automatic Java Configuration
- Increased row limit to 65k rows in Calc
- New database application (bug and spec)

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Mozilla Preferences Reference Manual

This manual is a reference for advanced users and system administrators who wish to customize Mozilla by editing the preferences files directly. This manual lists and describes all preferences available in Mozilla 1.4 suite.


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New Beta of Website

There's a beta version of the new website available.

Check some of the pages out:

And please note that Firefox is spelled Firefox. Now I've seen people spelling it "FireFox" and "Fire Fox". It's called Mozilla Firefox and Firefox for short.

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View Source to become a developer option?

Asa Dotzler writes:
Are there any XUL application or extension hackers out there that could help us with a bugfix. We want to move the JavaScript Console and the View Source window into the developer pack with the DOM Inspector. Normal installs wouldn't have UI access points to these tools unless they did a custom install to get the developer tools.

Ohhh no! How is View Source a developer option? I just dont understand. View source is an essential browser feature. Please dont move it into a developer package.

I can just see it. A friend of mine are having problems with a page. "Please have a look at this page that doesn't render correct in Mozilla Firefox". I check it out by saying "Let me just look at the source of the page. Ups. Cant help you. You first have to download Mozila Firefox again and then do a custom install". Come on!

Read more in Asa's blog and in the bug report.

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New Plugin Installer

When Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox encounters a page that uses a plugin that isn't installed you're presented with the "Plugin Downloader" dialog which is not very nice at all. Fx it refers to to find and download plugins. You can see a screenshot of the old dialog here.

But that's all over now. At least for Mozilla Firefox. A new Plugin Downloader has landed and the screenshots looks very nice. A big improvement.

You can see screenshots of the new Download Installer here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

More information in bug 253046 and bug 244125.

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Netscape 7.2 released

Download the new Netscape 7.2 browser (built with Mozilla) to take advantage of the latest security and popup blocking features and enjoy the best from It's free, Keeps your current bookmarks & browser settings, Easy to upgrade, Enhanced security, More powerful popup blocking, Plus Tabbed Browsing, which lets you have multiple Web sites open in one browser window. End desktop clutter!

It's based on Mozilla 1.7. If you're just looking for a cool and fast browser I still recommend to use Mozilla Firefox.

My first experience with Netscape 7.2 isn't that good. First it had to shutdown Mozilla to install. Ok but annoying. Then it uses the Mozilla profiles. So I had to create a profile called Netscape 7.2 so that running Netscape doesn't kill my current Mozilla profile. Why the heck didn't they use a seperate space for Netscape profile instead of using the Mozilla ones. I launched Netscape 7.2 and the first thing I got was a "File not found" with some XUL file (sidebar something).

The useragent for Netscape 7.2 is:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.2) Gecko/20040804 Netscape/7.2 (ax)

More info

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MC Fight Night billetter

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Jeg har to MC Fight Night billetter som jeg giver gratis væk, da jeg ikke har mulighed for at komme til arrangementet. Det er til lørdag 7 august kl 20 2004 i Store Vega.

Vil du ha' dem så kom med god joke. Send joken i en comment.

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