We went to see the container vessel Albert Mærsk, which docked at Langelinie for a presentation of the vessel. We didn't enter the ship since the line simply was way too long. Albert Mærsk is 352 meters long and 44 meters wide. See the pictures of the impressive vessel.

Albert Maersk is, with an overall length of 352 metres and a breadth of 43 metres, placed among the largest container vessels in the world. Albert Maersk is at the same time one of the most modern container vessels ever built thoroughly monitored by advanced computer systems, enabling a crew of only 15 to operate the ship and all the facilities.
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Scalextric GT40 Sport setI also bought myself a new tool. A Scalextric race circuit. The GT40 Sport set. More information here (in Danish) and here (in English). I've haven't had time to play with it yet though. The really cool thing about this set is that it includes the Race Management System. This include a special track that allows you to interface your PC with your Scalextric circuit. This enables you to time your laps on the race curcuit on your PC. This really rocks!

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