October 2004 Entries

Firefox aims for 10 percent of Web surfers

Bart Decrem, a spokesman for the Mozilla Foundation, told ZDNet UK on Friday that he expects the browser's market share to reach 10 percent by the end of 2005. "I think we'll get to 10 percent over the next year. We don't have 10 percent of the Web at the moment, but we have the momentum," Decrem said.

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Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Release Party i Danmark

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

For at fejre frigivelsen af Mozilla Firefox 1.0 holdes der en lille release fest kaldet Firefox 1.0 - Danish Dynamite

Den afholdes:
19 november 2004 kl 16.00 på

Elmegade 2
2200 København N

Du vil her have mulighed for at møde nogle af de mange andre som bruger Mozilla Firefox og måske også et par af dem der er med til at udvikle Mozilla.

Du kan tilmelde dig her:

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TDC OCES Certifikat ikke i Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Der er blevet lavet en indsats for at få lagt TDC OCES rodcertifikatet ind i Mozilla og dermed også Mozilla Firefox og Mozilla Thunderbird.

Rent teknisk foregår det ved at rodcertifikatet lægges ind i NSS, Network Security Services. NSS er den del af Mozilla kernen som står for alt mht sikkerhed mellem klienten og serveren heriblandt certifikater.

Desværre når TDC OCES rodcertifikatet ikke at komme med i Mozilla Firefox 1.0, når den frigives. Dette er pga at hvis der skal tilføjes rodcertifikatet til Firefox skal det ske gennem NSS. Der skal således laves en ny version af NSS som så skal lægges ind i Firefox. Og udviklerne af Firefox har allerede valgt den version af NSS som skal med i Firefox 1.0.

Man kan håbe på at TDC OCES rodcertifikatet bliver checket ind så hurtigt som muligt, således rodcertifikatet kommer med i fremtidige Mozilla releases, fx Mozilla Firefox 1.1 osv.

Du kan læse mere i bug 204839.

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Dansk Mozilla Firefox

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Så er der en dansk version af Mozilla Firefox ude! Hent den herfra. Direkte link til Windows udgaven: firefox-1.0.da-DK.win32.installer.exe

Den kom sammen med 20 andre sprog som alle kan ses her.

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Desktop namespace shortcut for Firefox

Desktop namespace shortcut for Firefox
If you are interested you can create a desktop namespace shortcut for Firefox (I've only tried this with Windows XP so your mileage may vary) that places Firefox immediately after your other desktop namespace shortcuts (e.g. My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.) and provides a context menu with Profile Manager, Safe Mode, etc. in it that looks like this.

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Google not to make browser

According to an article in Financial Times Eric Schmidt, chief executive at Google, says "Google is not going to embark on a new instalment of the "browser wars" against Microsoft"

He also said Google would not seek to turn its website into a broader internet portal, a move that would take it into more direct competition with both Microsoft and Yahoo. We are not building a browser," Mr Schmidt said. He would not comment on whether any Google workers had developed ideas for a browser in the 20 per cent of their time that Google sets aside for them to work on personal projects, but added: "There are always people who are experimenting with new ideas.

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Launchy 3.5.0 released

Screenshot of LaunchyLaunchy version 3.5.0 has been released! Launchy is an Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla Thunderbird extension that will enable you to open current page, links, mailto, images and view source with external applications. Both browsers, media players, FTP clients, download managers and editors are supported. That's applications like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Outlook, BSPlayer, Windows Media Player, GetRight and others. Screenshots.

What's new
- Fixed nasty bug where Launchy wouldn't launchy anything
- Image viewer support!
- Full version history

Get Launchy

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Movable Type 3.12 is out

Neil spotted that Movable Type 3.12 is out.

Movable Type 3.12 has just been released in the US. This version fixes up and ties down tons of little issues that were affecting some users in 3.11.

I really like this:
- Rebuild times have been significantly improved.

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Google's Browser Plans

MozillaNews.org writes:
For several months, there's been a lot of buzz around Google's April 2004 registration of the gbrowser.com domain. After quite a while of digging, I believe I've managed to boil some truth out of the rumor stew. The Mozilla developers have been stone silent on the issue, aside from a few accidental slips, but several other sources have let loose other bits of information. Interestingly, there's either great confusion on the plans (or a highly partitioned project inside Google), or a good deal of misinformation. Trying to determine what's real and what's not is like making a Venn diagram. Each source is a circle filled with information. Some information is common to all or many circles, some information only comes from one source. you have to put all the circles together, and where they overlap is the most reliable information. So after weeks of analysis, this is where we think Gbrowser is headed. The overlap is looking like a Google branded and customized Firefox based browser. To help set it apart from the rest of the browser crowd, they're integrating a lot of their own technologies. Since Firefox does not contain a mail app, they're integrating Gmail for email access, with a built in new-mail notifier. Interestingly, mailto: urls will work with Gmail, allowing peple to click email links in pages and have Gmail open a new mail to that address, as well as IE-like buttons on the toolbar for composing new mail from scratch.

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UI for virtual folders

Bug 261199 - UI for defining and editing virtual folders just landed for Mozilla Thunderbird.

Screenshot here

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DevMo, documentation, and helpwanted

Welcome to developer.mozilla.org! This site aims to collect and index documentation about Mozilla, a cross-platform internet suite and application development platform. Currently, we host only documentation for XPCOM, Mozilla's Cross Platform Component Object Module framework, but we hope to have more stuff soon.

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Trademarks Policy Discussion

The Mozilla Foundation has just released draft versions of several policies on trademarks. We are looking for any and all sorts of feedback. I'd be the first to admit that we are breaking new ground here, we don't have all the answers, and I hope to listen very hard to what people have to say.

Please comment on them in the netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey group.

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Dansk OpenOffice.org 1.1.3

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Det danske nyhedsbrev om OpenOffice.org skriver:

I dag udgiver vi Dansk OpenOffice.org 1.1.3. Denne udgivelse er en mindre opdatering og indeholder fejlrettelser. Derudover har du nu også mulighed for at hente en brugervenlig installationspakke for Dansk OpenOffice.org til Windows.

Du kan som altid hente Dansk OpenOffice.org fra: http://da.openoffice.org/

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gemal.dk crash

Sometime during the night of Friday 8 October, the disk RAID in the server crashed. The crash damaged both disks in the RAID. The server went down, the lights went out and the site went offline.

I knew that there wasn't any backup running the the server. This was an big crisis. But I've managed to find some old backup files and have been working hard and late to get gemal.dk back online.

The site is not yet complete and the design for the blog is different than the rest of the site. So please have patience.

If you need to find an blog entry please use the archives page.

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Support for Klingon

In February, the ISO 639 committee approved the language code "tlh" for Klingon. This should be added to Mozilla's knowledge of the ISO 639 code at some point. Klingon makes a nice demo of the capability of a browser to deal with tagged multilingual content; besides, therecertainly are pages out there in Klingon.

Support for Klingon has now been checked into Mozilla. See bug 239977.

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