Extensions I use - part 2

I've written about what extensions I use before and now it's time for an updated list.
  • Buttons - Adds buttons to Thunderbird which can be added to the toolbars.
  • CuteMenus - Adds icons to menus and popups.
  • Gcache - Displays a google cached version of the webpage.
  • InfoLister - Lists vital development information about Firefox
  • Favicon Picker - This extension adds UI for replacing bookmark icons.
  • Launchy - Open links and mailto's with external applications like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Outlook etc
  • LastTab - Modifies CTRL-TAB to switch to recently selected tabs; CTRL-SHIFT-TAB moves in the opposite direction.
  • Link Toolbar - A site navigation toolbar
  • Linkification - Converts text links into genuine, clickable links.
  • Linky - Open/download/validate links and pictures in tabs or windows.
  • LiveBookmarkThis - Gives an Add Live Bookmark option when right-clicking links
  • Location Navigator - Tools used to navigate up/down through the numeric portion of a location.
  • Named anchors - Adds a new tab to Page Info with information about the named anchors in the current document.
  • OpenBook - Allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog
  • QuickTabPrefToggle - Adds a toggle button for single window mode.
  • Popup Allow - Temporarily disables the popup blocker when the Caps Lock key is pressed.
  • Search Status - Display the Google PageRank and Alexa popularity in your browser's status bar.
  • SwitchProxy Tool - A tool that allows you to manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations quickly and easily.
  • TDC CMS - Extension for TDC CMS. Extension I wrote for my company's CMS system.
  • Web Developer - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

November 17, 2004 04:39 PM | Posted in Mozilla

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I found three problems about Linky 2.20 :

1) A problem with the links in Linky's home page :

In the Get Linky box, after installing Linky with the link :

I've got an error message telling me that this extension won't work for Firefox versions greater than 0.10.

With the link below Linky version 2.2.0 released! [15th November 2004] :


it works.

Why are the links different ?

2) Downloading Links still does not work :-(

3) The Download all links is grayed when no link is selected :-/

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