TDC root CA certs formally approved

This is great news for the Danish people. Frank Hecker have formally approved added the TDC root CA certificates to Mozilla. This means that the next version of NSS will contain the TDC root CA certificates, once that bug 271551 gets checked in.

The TDC root certificates we're talking about are the TDC OCES certificate and the TDC Internet certificate. The TDC OCES certificate is the root certificate for all Digital Signatures (certificates) in Denmark.

How does adding certificates to Mozilla work?
All the trusted certificates in Mozilla live in a separate component called NSS. This component is handling all security function in Mozilla. All Mozilla products includes a version of NSS. This means that different Mozilla products include different versions of NSS. So once we get the TDC root certificates into NSS, the next time Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird chooses to release a version with an updated NSS component the TDC root certificates will be included.

When will the root certificates be available in a Mozilla release?
I'm not sure. I really really hope that we can get this one into the Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 release. But Mozilla Thunderbird might already have settled on a NSS version. So perhaps in Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.1 or 1.1.

What does this mean for me, as a Danish citizen?
This means that once the root certificates gets added to NSS and a product is released, you can fx send a signed email to any recipients and the recipient can verify the digital signature (certificate) without first having, like today, to download and install the root certificate yourself.

Big thanks to both Frank Hecker and Peter Lind Damkjær for working to get the TDC certificates into Mozilla NSS.

Strangely enough has the news about the inclusion of the TDC certificates into Mozilla already be noted in the Danish news:
- Den digitale signatur får blåt stempel af Microsoft
- Digital signatur får ny anerkendelse

November 24, 2004 05:50 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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In Internet Explorer on Windows XP the update is done via the Update Root Certificates function which is build into Windows XP.

You can read more about this feature here:

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