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These last few months have been extremely exciting for the talented developers at the Mozilla project. Their Firefox browser has re-ignited the browser wars and done what no one thought possible -- taken a substantial market share away from the security-problem-plagued Internet Explorer. Last week, various news outlets were reporting that Penn State University had joined a growing chorus of warnings, issuing a statement to staff and students, advising them to dump Internet Explorer and use alternate browsers such as Firefox. When I visited their site, I discovered that this is not the first time they have issued this warning. A few months ago, even US-CERT and the Department of Homeland Security suggested that users might want to use a different browser to deal with these security issues. Still, despite a seemingly endless parade of security issues, Microsoft's browser has managed to hold on to its position for an amazingly long time. Time, however, has a habit of chipping away at the sturdiest of empires. As I write this, over ten million copies of Firefox have already been downloaded since version 1.0 was released, just over a month ago. Meanwhile, version 1.0 of the Mozilla Thunderbird email package has just become available. It will certainly be fascinating to see how well it does in enticing people away from Microsoft's email package.
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December 15, 2004 10:16 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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outlook keeps resetting my modem settings. it can't tell when i'm on line or offline. it often states i'm "working on-line' at the bottom of the screen when i'm offline. if it can't figure out something that simple, what else is it screwing up???
explorer , i understand, uses active x, a piece of spyware, and has a built in cookie, alexis, sending everything about your surfing habits back to the microsoft megalopolis.
i can't wait to rid myself of bill gates' hold.

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