Testing of a release

In an interesting post Asa writes about how the testing of a release is done. This is a very good way to get some insight in how the testing of the 1.8 Alpha 6 release is done.

This morning, Tracy, Marcia, Sarah, and I all shifted our focus to testing for the 1.8 Alpha 6 release that's upcoming. We've been mostly focused on the Firefox and Thunderbird releases for the last few months (with Tracy doing some Seamonkey smoketesting too.) Many folks, including QA, have been away on vacations, breaks, etc. so it wasn't a shock that today's trunk builds weren't in the greatest apparent shape when we dove in. We met on IRC because we're all in different location and broke up the smoketesting according to platform with Sarah on Linux, Marcia on Mac, and Tracy and me on Windows (that's how we've been doing it for a while now with the Aviary builds.) Sarah was focused on the GTK2+XFT Linux builds because I'm planning to move to those, rather than the old GTK1 builds, as the official release for 1.8a6. We don't yet have the installer ported to GTK2 (anyone out there interested in doing this?) but the advantages of the GTK2+XFT build seem to us (me, bryner, dbaron) to far outweigh the lack of an installer and maybe we can even do a couple of different RPMs for 1.8 final.
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January 05, 2005 09:00 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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actually, I probably didn't say it well enough. this isn't really testing the release, just a day of smoketesting. when we've got candididate builds (the ones with all the fixes we're after) we'll go more in depth. then again, this is just an alpha so we probably won't go too deep.

with Firefox and Thunderbird, for example, I'll bet five of us spent the better part of a week testing those final candidate builds.


Comment by Asa Dotzler at January 5, 2005 09:26 AM | Permalink

GTK2+XFT is fine, but acroread does not work with it which is really bad (bug 246560)... Well, at least the XPI install bug has been fixed at last. :-)

Comment by JH at January 5, 2005 06:08 PM | Permalink

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