Checkins of the week

Some important checkins happened this week.

Rework toolkit command-line handling
This is the bug for

Merge myspell back from the openoffice original
Once upon a time the openoffice spellchecker was ported to mozilla. All cool. But since then, development has been split. There are bugs in the mozilla spellchecker that are not in the openoffice one. Features are missing and added back way later with lots of pain. I think it would make sense to remerge if possible. If the openoffice spellchecker is sufficient stand alone, it could be done with minimum pain. If we don't change much (in the ideal case, nothing) merging later would be easy.

Support for specifying a date on which a bug is expected to be resolved
We really need this at work. We use Bugzilla as an internal bug reporting system and it lacks some time/date/planning stuff.

Provide a way to prioritize connections
Many part of the browser could benefit of this feature. Tabbed browsing: browsing on the current tab would not slow down. Opening a bookmark group would display one page while the other page would continue to download in the background. Download manager could have the ability to speedup one of its downloaded files.

January 18, 2005 10:20 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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