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Linky is my Mozilla extension that will increase your power to handle links. It will let you open or download all or selected links, image links and even web addresses found in the text in separate or different tabs or windows. You will just need to right click any link or web address, select the Linky menu item and choose the desired action. You can even specify what option you want to see available in the Linky menu through its preferences.

If you wish to translate Linky into your language, please use the following steps:

Start by translating the following files:
- linky.dtd

Also change the first line of all this files from:
<!-- Translation done by Henrik Gemal -->
<!-- Translation done by Your Name and Your Contact information -->

Then change "en-US" in this file into your language code:
- contents.rdf

Now test the translation. You can do this very easily by downloading the latest linky.xpi file and replacing the files in the locale/en-US/ directory with your own files. I don't have the resources to test it, so it's all up to you. If you're using UltraEdit as your editor remember to turn off the setting "Write UTF-8 BOM header". Otherwise Mozilla will fail loading the file.

Finally zip the files and send it to me. The email address is spam at gemal dot dk.

January 19, 2005 06:10 PM | Posted in Mozilla

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I've wrote a pretty detail tutorial for translating Forecastfox extension with Mozilla translator. It can be found on
May be it can be useful for Linky translators too.

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