Getting ready for new Sunbird/Calendar nightlies

Mostafa Hosseini from the Mozilla Calendar project writes:

As some of you may already know, Sunbird/Calendar development on the trunk has gone through a major refactoring in order to provide a much better codebase for proper server support and implementation of various calendar data sources. As the number of major blockers decrease, you may slowly be seeing new nightly builds here and there as well as the start of more frequent official nightly releases. This is to inform you that as much as we need testers and feedback on the new Sunbird/Calendar, we need you to understand that there will be all sorts of regressions, incompatibility, new bugs and possibly confusion ahead for those who upgrade to the nightlies. This shouldn't have been necessary to point out for a product still at its 0.2+ version but the amount of daily usage reports and the amount of calendar data seen to be trusted with Sunbird/Calendar obliges us to do so. So again, before the wave of excitement from a new release leaves you less time to decide, make sure installing and using the new nightlies is what you want and furthermore what you are ready for. It definitely is what we want; yet for those who are content with the current functionality there will be the final 0.2 release to use. In terms of incompatibility the new nightlies will not automatically read and recognize your previous data so it will be up to you to import or re-enter them from scratch. Providing a migrator was not possible since it couldn't have been justified for a 0.2+ version application. To speak about the good side of things, there will be a pretty solid CalDav support thanks to Mike Shaver and his team, a much better iCalendar standard support based on the new interfaces, thanks to Michiel van Leeuwen (mvl), more UI enhancements and hopefully extension and theme support, thanks to Matthew Willis and altogether a great codebase to build upon, thanks to all of our contributors.

February 04, 2005 07:45 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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